I have read scores of blogs over the past few months. Natural Hair related and otherwise, just to see what people are talking about.

It appears as though the internet has turned into a giant heap of Op Ed articles!

…..and here I am, joining the ranks.

However, my Op Ed is an opinion from behind the stylist chair. My colleagues, friends and mentors have all encouraged me stand up and speak up for all of the under represented salon workers out there. We have been so busy DOING HAIR that we haven’t been as present on social media as we should be. That will change in 2013. Keep your eyes peeled to Oraje.com and of course here at Noire Salon Blog.

Many bloggers and vloggers, in an attempt to market themselves to you, will make sure their faces are plastered EVERYWHERE. Applying tidbits of googled info, a few cute and fashionable pictures, and linking up with a seemingly-informed resource. This whole façade is designed to make you feel comfortable with all that they claim to be the truth about natural hair and styling.

Natural hair information on the internet is so decieving. It’s a cute girl with a padded butt, fake nails and capped teeth. All image, but at times….very little true substance. Lots of flash and images will.serve to distract you from many of the potholes in logic and scientific method. Still, we flock to it, anchor our hopes and dreams on it, hoping to be recognized by this invisible tribe of “like spirited” natural hair wearers. This means alot to people and I have both understood and spent the last decade spearheading many campaigns supporting natural and locked hair. I just feel there must be a heightened awareness of fact checking.

I’ve spent the last 2 year’s on Twitter debunking a lot of myths. Observing the claims of natural hair folk wisdom, applying science to it, then patting it on the back and sending it out into the world -bathed and smelling fresh! A lot of what you see on other blogs is either a portion of the truth or a well branded hoax. Ask questions, pH test, check cosmetology instruction manuals. Know the truth!

For instance: TRIMMING

Hair is fiber. Keratinized Protien comprised of amino acids. Like many other organic fibers, hair has a shelf life. Surfactants (cleansers), hard water (chlorine, copper, rust), sulfates (the heavy bubble-inducing chemical in certain shampoos), dry heat and dry cold air, tension from combing & styling…all of these things attack the strands on a daily basis.

Every 6-8 week’s, I remove anywhere from 1/8″ to 1/4″ of hair. Most healthy perople will grow 1/2″ per month. So technically speaking, for what little is removed…A LOT remains. A person puts their hair in danger for not having the respect for removing the old or deteriorated fibers. You can use the best products in the world, and still have damaged ends that are overporous, tangled and shredded. Is it really that important to have people envy you for length versus overall health?

Anyone who has sat in my chair knows that I can grow some hair. It’s not just “growing hands”, but a clear method for preserving the integrity of the hair fibers.Using pH balanced shampoo & conditioners, a vegetable or plant based oil, satin or silk bonettes at night and regular trims are all apart of this recipe.

Respect the science, the hair will grow. Understand the necessity for
professional intervention and technique. Partner with an EDUCATED & EXPERIENCED stylist. Be bigger than the tricks, branding and marketing and know that no man is an island. Value your professionals and the rewards will be plentiful.